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We have a very special girl named Elsa to share with you. As you may know, we are a rescue committed to saving the challenging cases. The injured and sick have a special place in our hearts. Elsa would have been considered unadoptable from many other rescues or shelters, that positive FeLV would of been a death sentence. For the last year, we have been holistically treating her. So far, we've had no luck clearing the virus but it has been slowly improving. You see, on the outside you'd never know Elsa was different. She is beautiful, healthy and looks just like any other "normal" cat. We are seeking a home with no other cats or someone who already has and loves FeLV+ cats! Her foster says: "For 11 months she has been in a 10x11 room. She's been a trooper, but she needs a home where she can run all around the house, sleep on the couch, heck, even get on the counters like cats do. She does take time to warm up to you. She doesn't like to be picked up too much. So a home with no little kids. She doesn't hiss at my cats but they've hissed at her. I think she fine with dogs too. When I clean her room, I put her in the cat cage & have my dog in the room. Elsa just looks at her." 
"A cat diagnosed with Feline Leukemia (FeLV) is still an ADOPTABLE cat. FeLV is a virus that weakens a cat’s immune system, predisposing it to certain infections, severe anemia, and potentially leading to cancer. Most at risk are kittens born to FeLV positive mothers, cats under the age of one, cats living with an infected cat, and cats bitten by an infected cat if they’re allowed outside. Although it is NOT transmittable to humans, dogs or other non-feline pets, before adopting a FeLV positive cat, ensure that you and your vet are “on the same page”. Whereas some vets warn against it, others are fully sympathetic and supportive of the idea. And these vets will be your best allies. Of utmost importance, when adopting a FeLV positive cat, is to always keep that cat indoors — whether as your only cat or with other FeLV positive cats. Immediate spaying will prevent a female from giving birth to infected kittens. Some cats can even fight off the virus and become immune to it. Others can be healthy carriers that never get sick themselves but can still infect others. While the disease CAN be managed, even going into remission, flare-ups are always a possibility. Most FeLV positive cats are likely to live a shorter life than other cats, and 85% of persistently infected felines will die within three years of diagnosis. However, regular vet check-ups and good preventive health care can keep your cat feeling well for some time and protect it from secondary infections. Twice-yearly physical exams, lab tests and parasite control can both prevent complications and identify problems quickly. While there may be no cure for the virus itself, secondary infections can be treated promptly if and when they occur. 
And so, despite the fact that a FeLV positive cat may not use up all of its fabled nine lives, living a loved, pampered and protected one may be just what the vet ordered.

Skim, Skim, Skimmers turn for adoption!  This girly is going on two years old (DOB 01/23/16). She was found trying to get into a restaurant in Lindenwald back in January 2017, she was skin and bones and riddled with fleas and heart worms. Eight months of holistic treatments and she if finally rid of the nasty buggers. Krista called her Skinny Minnie but from the moment she became my foster, her name became Skim. Miss Skimmer Dimmer is an energetic, playful female Pit Bull who will go belly up for anyone, she absolutely adores people. She gets along great with other dogs and kids but wants to eat cats. Skim is potty/crate trained, completely up to date on vaccines, rabies shot, de-wormed, had Bordatella, is licensed and microchipped. This baby will be the perfect addition to any family (except those with cats, lol). If you are interested in adopting Skim, please fill out an application ​

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There are always animals in need of help and homes.  We are only able to save as many as we have people to help.  Please join us and become a volunteer, foster, or donor.  Without our volunteers, we would not be able to organize and complete our fundraisers that keep us going and able to help the animals.

All of our animals are housed with foster parents who take great care of them.  Food and vetting is provided until they are adopted. We are in desperate need of more Foster Families.  If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please complete an application and we will contact you.

We are currently in need of cat litter and dog food.  We are also looking for someone who may donate a van we can use for our TNR program.  Please visit our amazon wish list and amazon smile as well if you are looking to donate items.


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Since 2013, Joseph's Legacy has been working to help all the animals we can.  Whether it is an animal that is homeless, needs re-homed, or is in need of medical care.  We do not want any animal to suffer or be put down because of something that is out of their control.


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