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This big goofy guys name is Zach. He is a big sweet pitty mix weighing in at 62 pounds. He is still a puppy so he still has some growing to do. His approximate DOB is 2/12/20. Zach is high energy and would really benefit from having a family that can keep up with his active lifestyle. He loves going on walks and hikes, and during the summer loves the water! He is working on his manors and socialization, he goes to work with his foster mom sometimes to get him socialized. As you can imagine the past 9 months of his life socializing him has been difficult because of the pandemic. But he is doing really well with it. He prefers to be the only pet in the home, but he doesn’t mind large submissive female dogs, but no cats. He’s good with kids but due to his high energy level and his tendencies to play rough and jump we recommend older children. He is very smart and very loyal to his people, he will make someone a great companion! If you feel like he would make a great addition to your home please fill out an application.

Zach would enjoy a home all to himself with people who love him. 


Dayton was originally found by a concerned citizen emaciated, matted, consumed with internal parasites, and just sick. After a hospitalization, a shave, baths, medicines, dental, and lots of love and care, Dayton has transformed from a skinny, scared, shaved kitty to a spunky fluffball! Dayton has become a bit of a diva and likes his humans to focus on him. For this reason, we require he is the only cat in a home. We do not know how he would do with dogs. Dayton has been diagnosed with feline asthma and will require an inhaler (which he does very well with!) and perhaps Prednisolone (still working on maintenance dosing.) Because of his long, beautiful coat, he also requires, and does very well with, daily brushing. Dayton enjoys watching the birds and anything that moves from a window perch. He loves catnip, catnip kickers, pretty much most stuffed toys. He gets his energy going and just chases all his toys around and has a ball!

We hope you will consider Dayton to be your spunky feline friend. He is sure to be a companion that will make you smile and fall in love.

Calling all Volunteers!

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Since 2013, Joseph's Legacy has been working to help all the animals we can.  Whether it is an animal that is homeless, needs re-homed or is in need of medical care.  We do not want any animal to suffer or be put down because of something that is out of their control.


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