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This is beautiful Rosé, a young pit bull, about two years old. She is so sweet, cuddly and playful, but would do best as an “only child” where there are no other animals or small children and she can have her human all to herself. Rosé came to us with tape worm, ear mites, open wounds on her sides from where she had been biting at her fleas, and heart worms. She’s been with us now for a couple of months and is looking and feeling so much better, but she’s not out of the woods yet, as she is about to begin an in-depth heartworm treatment process with the Monroe Family Pet Hospital. Her adopter must sign a contract stating that they will take her to all of her appointments and see the treatment through, and then following a negative HW test, will take her to be spayed. This beauty comes with some strings attached, but her love and devotion is incomparable. Please fill out an adoption application on our website if you would like to meet her!

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Twixx is the sweetest boy-ever! Twixx is one of the candy bar trio that was removed/surrendered from a horrific situation but he is none the worse for wear. He IS the sweetest candy bar in the jar!! Twixx is an eight year old, male, Maine Coon. He is FIV+ which means that his immune system is compromised. FIV is NOT a death sentence or a big deal to us as rescuers. FIV is spread through cats fighting for territory outside and if they are cat friendly, they can coexist with other cats without spreading. Being FIV means he has a weak immune system and if he shows any signs/symptoms of an illness, you would want to treat him immediately. He is suuuuuch a sweet lap kitty and will let you pet him ALL day long. He does have a couple more weeks of ear treatments but, once released from the Vet., he will be ready for adoption. He is current on vaccinations, neutered, de-wormed and microchipped. This IS the kitty you have been looking for, your entire life!

There are always animals in need of help and homes.  We are only able to save as many as we have people to help.  Please join us and become a volunteer, foster, or donor.  Without our volunteers, we would not be able to organize and complete our fundraisers that keep us going and able to help the animals.

All of our animals are housed with foster parents who take great care of them.  Food and vetting is provided until they are adopted. We are in desperate need of more Foster Families.  If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please complete an application and we will contact you.

We are currently in need of cat litter and dog food.  We are also looking for someone who may donate a van we can use for our TNR program.  Please visit our amazon wish list and amazon smile as well if you are looking to donate items.


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Since 2013, Joseph's Legacy has been working to help all the animals we can.  Whether it is an animal that is homeless, needs re-homed, or is in need of medical care.  We do not want any animal to suffer or be put down because of something that is out of their control.


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