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Joseph's Legacy Rescue

You've been challenged...

If you accept this challenge:

First let me say thank you for coming here to see what we're challenging you to do. If you're reading this and you're an animal lover.. please continue reading! I am a volunteer with Josephs Legacy, I often do a lot of the "dirty work" along side other volunteers who have grown to be my best friends. Together we have seen things that no one ever should. I don't want to make you sad, so I won't go further in detail. With as many animals we have saved who are now healthy and thriving in their forever homes, we are left with a very large vet bill. In this challenge, if 500 people donate $20 each, we will pay our current outstanding bill.  Will you be 1 of 500? So here's my challenge..

If you are a volunteer, a follower, a supporter, an animal lover or just want to help the world in some way I challenge you to donate $20 to Josephs Legacy so one by one each of you can open the door for another animal suffering to reach happiness and safety. Josephs Legacy is a rescue that stands out, we accept all animals and breeds big and small as long as we have the placement and money to fund their start to this new wonderful chapter in their life. Donations have been very slow and animals are pouring in left and right that are emaciated, injured, sick, broken bones, ect.. We need YOUR help! I hope by now you've decided you'd love to accept my challenge. If you have, please post this on your facebook page to challenge your friends and family also. 

This challenge will stay up until we can get our vet bills under control. We love and appreciate every single person who follows our page, supports us, donates towards our animals and everyone who just loves animals!!