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Rock is a beautiful, chocolate brown, Pit Bull puppy, born on June 6th, 2016. When he came to Joseph's Legacy, he had no function in his back legs and he would drag himself to get where he needed to be. Rock was an owner surrender on August 8th, 2016. He had fallen off a balcony on July 24th, 2016. He had no function in his hind end and he had chewed off two of his toes, due to severe pain.

His former owner took him to MedVet the evening of July 24th. Due to not having funds for his care, the was not seen by a Veterinarian. The next morning, his former owner took him to another vet where they were told he had no breaks and he would be fine. 

Over the next two weeks, Rock's condition did not worsen nor did it improve. His former owner attempted, via social media, to find help for Rock. Without help, she was faced with the fact that euthanizing may have been the only humane thing to do for Rock. She was unsuccessful in her attempts to receive help, until she contacted Joseph's Legacy. 

When we were contacted, the rescue was current;y on what we call "rescue rest" meaning the rescue was not accepting new intakes due to overwhelming debt. The lead medical coordinator went to evaluate Rock's Condition. She determined that he (probably) had a broken or fractured spine. She decided she could not leave him without medical care. His owner relinquished him to the rescue, at the evaluation visit. Due to the late hour he was not seen, by a Veterinarian, until the following morning.

Dr. Matthew Heller, at All About Pet Care ( Middletown, OH), did not hesitate when the call was made. Treatment began on August 9th, 2016. An initial exam, bloodwork and X-rays were done. There were no abnormalities noted on the bloodwork. X-rays did not show a "break". The examination determined that there was something that needed to be addressed. Immediate care was started, by Dr. Heller. Laser treatments were started on his toes and acupuncture on his back. Rock was put on several medications to heal and sooth his pain. Dr. Heller also put in a call to a specialist, Dr. Brian Ward (Florence, KY).

Dr. Ward jumped right on board aw well, without hesitation. Dr. Ward did a CT scan which determined that Rock had a spinal fracture at T 11/12 (thoracic spine, 11th and 12th vertebrae).

Dr. Mark McClure (Middletown, OH) began chiropractic care on Rock September 10th. Dr. McClure, also, did not hesitate when approached to assist in Rock's care. Dr. McClure continues to treat Rock weekly and has high hopes that full function, will at some point, be restored. 

All of these wonderful doctors have taken Rock from inability to use his back legs, at all (he was dragging his hind end and unable to stand), to standing, walking and running. He still has a long way to go. He doesn't have full control of his motor function. He falls frequently and still does not have control of his bowel and bladder. He is a very happy boy who loves playing with his foster siblings. We hope that his recovery continues and that he will, at some point, be independent and have control of ALL of his systems but in the meantime, he is still a happy puppy.

A very special thanks to Dr. Matthew Heller, Dr. Brian Ward and Dr. McClure!! Rock would not be where he is today without these wonderful doctors!!

Rock still needs to get a wheelchair that is his size since he has grown out of his other. We have one much larger for when he is at adult size. Donations towards his medical care and wheelchair are vital at this point. We only want to see him thrive! We want to offer him everything possible to make sure we make these dreams come true. Please consider buying a rock at the link below, we will send you a rock made specially in his honor. The rocks are a $20 donation made directly for Rock. 

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