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Mr. Muddy, my grumpy old man (I say this because the big goofball will, sweetly/gently take a treat out of your hand but growl at you while doing so, lol) is STILL up for adoption. This guy has been in foster care for a year and three months (intake date was 11/17/17) and as much as he loves his foster family, he would love to find a (furever) family, to call his own! Mudd is very picky about who he likes but you will know, immediately, if you are (one of the few) “unliked”. When Muddy first came into the rescue, he was quite intimidating, with his deep throaty growl but I truly believe that he just likes the sound of his own voice, lol. Oh, he is not a “barker”, per say, but when he does bark, it IS intimidating which makes him the perfect “watch dog”. The Mudster needs his personal space respected meaning, he is not one that likes to be “picked up” or bear hugged and you should (always) get his attention before touching him, so as not to startle him. This guy would do best in a home with no small children, (most) littles do not understand the meaning of “personal space”. Muddy is great with other dogs (he doesn’t do well with high energy dogs but does superb with calm dogs) and cats. He is a sweet guy, with lots of love to offer. MuddDuddy is a nine and a half-year-old (DOB 10/21/09), male, Terrier/Basset mix. He and his sister, Sassy, a Pomeranian, were surrendered to JL by a (homeless) veteran, they were all living in his car. Mudd was a 40lb. emotional wreck, when he first came into the rescue, but has learned that life is good again and (currently) weighs in at 50lbs. Muddy’s only (other) “special” requirement is-he needs to be on a high protein diet (which you can purchase at ANY pet store) to avoid urinary “issues”. He is currently on a mixture of Pedigree high protein and Rachel Ray high protein (dry) food(s).


Hello , my name is Frank aka Frankie and I have been told that I am the most lovable boy my foster mom has ever known. I love to cuddle with the other foster cats and am very good at grooming them, their contented look tells me. I am FIV positive but that isn’t a problem since I am so laid back and won’t cause a problem to any other cats. I love my foster family but would love to find a home of my own.

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Since 2013, Joseph's Legacy has been working to help all the animals we can.  Whether it is an animal that is homeless, needs re-homed or is in need of medical care.  We do not want any animal to suffer or be put down because of something that is out of their control.


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