​My name is Paige also known as the bulldog lady and I am a Foster/Volunteer for Joseph's Legacy. I do this not because it is glorious, I do this for the animals.

My name is Rene. I post all the animals up for adoption on our websites.  A Joseph's Legacy Volunteer rescued Moreene and three pups from a shelter in KY. Her pups are adopted and now it's Moreene's turn to have a family of her very own. As you can see, she is quite loving. My family has rescued, fostered, adopted, cared for, loved and let go over 30 animals since January 2014 with this rescue and loved every minute. How rewarding to help those without a voice, and there is no better group of animal advocates than Joseph's Legacy!

My name is Bobbi.  I am a huge dog lover and am lucky enough to have a husband that loves them too. We already have two dogs but decided it was time to adopt a cat, since we knew a volunteer for JL, Cinda, she introduced us to our wonderful cat. A few months later I receive a call from Cinda asking if we would consider fostering a puppy, I think she knew I couldn't resist a puppy. Cinda explained that these puppies weren't wanted by their owners and needed to place them in a foster home. We took in this sweet girl and almost failed as a foster but it wasn't the right time. Although we were sad to let her go she went to a wonderful home and we were able to continue fostering. I have four amazing kids that help train and love the dogs we get, it can be sad to say goodbye but it is also exciting to get a new foster to love. Many people don't understand that these animals are Joseph's Legacy animals until adoption and anything that an animal needs the rescue provides food, medicine, vetting, collars, leashes, and even pee pads, the only thing my family provides is a loving home and basic training.

Angela Caliguri grew up always having a pet by her side, but didn't realize the devastation regarding American Pit bull Terriers until a trip to the shelter where she saw "Pitbull death row". It opened her eyes to the problems with over breeding and abuse for this breed and from then on she has been an advocate and volunteer.

Angela currently has two fur babies of her own, a 13 year old Pit bull named Stud Lee who she has had since a puppy and a resent rescue kitty named Cali. They act just like brother and sister!

When Angela's not cuddling her fur-babies she's working as a registered nurse or enjoying herself taking dance classes.

My name is Ashley and I am a foster mom! I volunteer and foster for Josephs Legacy because  I LOVE animals and my heart breaks when I see one in need. It's a very hard but VERY rewarding job! I'm so thankful I found Josephs Legacy and became a part of this rescue!

My name is Melynda. I have always been a huge animal lover. All of my personal animals are rescue animals. So it only seemed natural that I would be a foster. I watched Joseph's story unfold and knew one of the volunteers involved. When I was delivered a litter of 4 kittens by their momma who I had been feeding, I knew I couldn't do it alone. So I reached out for help and Joseph's Legacy was the only place willing to open their hearts. Other shelters were going to euthanize them. So I became their foster and they are thriving and awaiting adoption. Since then I have welcomed MANY more babies into my home, one of which was only 1-2 days old. She is now 5 weeks and spoiled rotten as you can see in our picture. This experience has been both heartwarming and heartbreaking but I wouldn't trade the time with the "needy" babies for anything.

My name is Debi. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for anyone or anything in need of help. I started following Josephs Legacy when I read the story of our namesake "Joseph" and his hard life. I started out by making small donations and praying. Although I had been rescuing my own pets for some time before I started with Joseph's Legacy. I adopted two kittens from JL and then started fostering. My first foster was a foster fail! A deaf pit/boxer mix...a deaf dog...deaf like me! I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and we have two awesome young men and a daughter in law and 4 fantastic Grandchildren. I work full time at Menards and love spending time with my family, reading and cooking.

My name is Annette. I am a mother of 2 and I am currently a home health aide. I love animals, babies, and seniors. I currently am a foster mom for Josephs Legacy. Six months ago, my puppy got let loose and was lost for three weeks. With the help of Josephs legacy I was able to find her and get her home safe. From that day on I told them I would love to help, if there is anything I can do as a payback for their help. I then found out all the work they do and could use a foster mom. I decided that's not too hard to love and care for a animal who could use some attention. So that id what I did. I love the people that I work with and together we save a lot of lives. If you share the same love for animals as I do, become a foster mom and join our rescue team! The more volunteers we have, the more lives we save.

Hi my name is Meredith. I currently own 5 dogs ranging from pit bulls, pit mixes, and a shepherd. I am a foster and dog trainer(@letsgok9training) for Joseph's Legacy Rescue. I take in the more challenging dogs who need training to work on behavioral issues and obedience to get them ready to find their forever homes. A well balanced state of mind and trained dog is happy dog, and a happy dog makes life much more peaceful and enjoyable for both human and dog. I've been fostering for many Rescues and on my own and JL has made getting back into working with a Rescue easy and they work hard to create a group of dedicated volunteers who support each other and help everyone around them no matter how tiring it can be from rescuing animals to educating the public. I love that they're open minded to the many methods and training tools(that communicate) of dog training and what works best for each individual dogs needs. I have a big passion for helping animals and their owners/fosters get their dogs to a good state and starting them off right so they learn to be less excitable and better behaved in public, at adoption events, ect. which makes it much easier for the rescues dogs to find their forever homes. 


My name is Robin and I adore cats. I love dogs too but focus more on cats. I saw an ad where fosters were needed for Josephs Legacy and jumped in with both feet with a litter of kittens. Ever since then I have had many fosters and several litters of kittens. I love rescuing and loving animals.

Let’s put an end to homeless animals!

My name is Krista and I am the foster coordinator with Josephs Legacy. I assist with emergency calls, animal intake, moving animals that need new fosters, problems fosters may have and getting to know new fosters.  I have been rescuing animals for over 10 years now.  I joined Josephs Legacy in December of 2014 when I was looking for a rescue I actually fit in to. All the other volunteers have become my best friends and I am truly blessed to work along side such a wonderful rescue. I rescue animals because I cannot stand to see and creature hurt, homeless or ill. This rescue has allowed me to be apart of something amazing, since joining I have fostered probably about 200 animals. I prefer to foster hurt or injured cats. I have fostered many kittens, puppies and dogs too. These animals bring such joy to my life. I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else, I love volunteering for Josephs Legacy.  

I have experienced a lot of heart ache with losing my fosters but honestly I am thankful they knew love and had a safe home before their final day. I do not and never will regret all the lives I have saved, It is a truly rewarding feeling. I encourage every animal lover to foster an animal from a reputable rescue, no matter the situation you're helping save a life. 

Take the good in from the bad, not everyone in the world is kind. Not everyone will have the heart you have. Not everyone will appreciate you and what you do for them. Sometimes it won't be easy having a kind heart in a cruel world. Be prepared. 

My name is Ashlee and I am a foster coordinator. I volunteer for JL because I have a INSANE love for animals. Fostering for them is amazing we are all family and can reach out to each other no matter what time of night someone's always there for you to help with the fur babies. More people should be involved in rescue or fostering.

Joseph's Legacy Rescue

My name is Sherry. This is just a few of the members of our foster family. Emma (9 yrs old) wanted to foster a homeless cat. Two days later we had Jewel and her 5 4 week old kittens. They are so precious. They were so shy. But, over the next few weeks Emma loved and held them as much as possible and now all they want to do is want to cuddle and purr. She has learned so much and has even had several of them adopted. She wasn't sad because she new it was her love and attention that made them the best pet ever. She is determined to find them all a fur-ever home. We also have Cash, who is awaiting surgery. He has had a rough life but he is so sweet and just wants to be loved. Joseph's Legacy Animal Rescue takes in abused, homeless and unwanted animals, gives them a loving home until they find their fur-ever home. Some might think they are the lucky ones. But, it is we who are truly blessed by sharing our home and life with these animals. It is so easy. Emma turned her bedroom into a kitten room. When we are having a bad day, we go upstairs, sit on the bed and let 7 kittens run all around you purring and playing. You walk out of that room with a whole different attitude and smile. We are so excited to be a part of such a fabulous group of people.

I'm Chelsea! I send out information to our amazing adopters. I've been involved in animal rescue for 7 years now. It's the most heart breaking and rewarding thing one could ever do. Animals are amazing creatures with beautiful souls and every last one deserves a great life.

My name is Lincoln (Loki) Nelson, I've been working independently and partnering with local rescues to help creatures who can not help themselves since I was a toddler. In my years with rescue I have worked closely with vets, spay/neuter programs, shelters, and emergency medical clinics. I am a certified pet nutritionist and here at Joseph's Legacy I help foster animals get the nutrition, medical, and supplies they need in order to get ready for their new homes. I have experience with domestic, exotic, and wildlife rehabilitation. Fostering, rescuing, and volunteering is such a wonderful and beautiful experience, it is rewarding for both the animals and yourself as a person, as well as the community you are a part of. I urge anyone to get involved, even if they haven't done so before, as the rewards are completely priceless.

My name is Lisa. I joined Joseph's Legacy after seeing the story of our precious Joseph and the horrendous suffering he had endured. I then met Meg Melampy and joined the rescue. I have always loved animals and over the years rescued many on my own. Joseph's Legacy Rescue gives the voiceless a voice and a 2nd chance at life. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that. 

I have fostered 8 dogs with JL and their transformations have been truly amazing. My last foster Lola who is a special needs American Bulldog was a foster fail with me.

This is a dedicated and special group of rescuers and I am proud to be part of this wonderful group.

My name is Brittany and I started out with Joseph's Legacy as a puppy foster. Unfortunately I was unable to continue fostering so shifted my focus to helping out when and where I can. I became a volunteer simply because I LOVE animals and my dog person attitude quickly shifted to all animal person.

I've seen Joseph's Legacy do amazing things in my year of volunteering and I couldn't be more proud to be part of such an amazing rescue and to know such amazing people.

Why do I volunteer with Joseph's Legacy Rescue you ask, where do I begin would be my reply. To be able to save a poor, tortured soul who has been cast aside for going potty in the house (almost always the fault of the owner). To rescue an animal that has been thrown to the streets, for defending their welfare by the only means they have available (biting). Why did they have to defend their self to begin with? To sit in the grass or on the concrete, sometimes for hours, to gain the trust of an animal that has been abused and then driven (dumped) miles from home. To pick up an animal that has been injured and spend the night with them at the emergency vet.

Why do I volunteer with Joseph's Legacy Rescue, because they have the same beliefs that I do when it comes to the four legged, furry babies that have no voice. Their mission statement says it all; "Joseph's Legacy strives to regain hope and respect for all animals. We educate the public about animal welfare and inform them of the extreme lack of awareness. Joseph's Legacy rescues animals, including those in need of costly medical care, who would otherwise be turned away."

My name is Cinda, I am on the medical team and I am (one of) the emergency contact personnel for the rescue. There are many nights that I don't get home until (well) past midnight, by the time I take care of and spend time with my fosters (and my animals), I am having supper (sometimes the first meal of the day) at one in the morning. I have spent countless hours, at the emergency vet with an animal that has been injured. I have spent many nights at a foster's home, giving (sub q) fluids or given medication to sick animals. I have been called out, at all hours of the night, to rescue an animal from the streets. I make sure all of our (JLR) animals are current on their vaccines, are de-wormed and microchip them.

I wear many hats with the rescue. I have been asked, 'how can you not keep them all?' Easy answer, for any one that I keep (adopt), that is one less spot for the next one that needs help. One look at my FB page ("Foster Babies" album) and you will know that I am meant to be doing exactly what I am doing with my life. The soulful eyes of the animals that I have rescued, fostered and helped place in (loving) furever homes, speaks volumes. Some of the "before" pictures will hurt your heart (they did mine) but the "after" pictures will heal your heart. Being able to love them, nurse their wounds, teach them how to become loving companions (again) or to teach them to trust humans (again) is a 24/7 job that I wouldn't trade for all the riches in the world. I have fostered hundreds of animals and I can tell you that it is the most rewarding experience that you will ever feel.

I actually have no idea how I got started with Joseph's Legacy (CRS, lol). I can tell you that when I jumped in, I jumped in with both feet and haven't regretted a single minute. I have met, and work with, some truly fabulous people, that I now call friend(s), who share the same ambition and desire to help (save) animals. I can also add that I have met some true weirdos along the way as well, no names mentioned.

My name is Amy. My husband, Ryan, and I are huge dog lovers. We actually lived across the street from Meg even before she started the rescue. We had many stray animals that we dealt with together before Joseph's Legacy. We knew Meg started the rescue and we kept up with all of the animals she was taking in. One day she told me she was getting 2 Pomeranian/Beagle mixes that were supposed to be 8 weeks old. On first sight you realized that was not the case since they together were small enough to fit in the palms of your hands. Immediately I was in love and my husband had no choice!! At only 3-4 weeks old, I had to feed them milk and try to get them to eat. The first couple of weeks was a challenge. But we fell in love and Cooper became our first foster fail. His brother, Chase was successfully adopted out. Since then we have fostered 4 other dogs and I'm sure there will be many more!! If we had a bigger house we would probably keep them all! We love helping out and finding them good homes. We couldn't imagine a better rescue to work with!

This page is growing! We have over 100 volunteers!