Let’s put an end to homeless animals!

Joseph's Legacy Rescue

Jackson (Jax) - has some sort of neurological issues but all bloodwork, MRI and spinal tap came back clear.  We will continue to try and figure out what is going on and treat.

Red - was watched beaten and tied to a fence via surveilance camera, then picked up and taken to the vet.  He has a broken femur and will be having surgery the day before Thanksgiving.

Nicholas - was found by police and brought to Joseph's Legacy.  We were told he was beaten and set on fire.  He is FIV and Leukemia negative but his blood was too bad for us to sedate him to really get a good idea of all his injuries.  Despite everything, he was very lovable.  After a blood transfusion he still did not improve and had become too sick for us to continue attempting any further medical procedures.  He has passed over the rainbow bridge now.

Chloe - (now Maggie) - was found wondering the streets and a concerned citizen called us to take her in - she had to stay at the vet for 3 days before she was healthy enough to go to a home - she was adopted by a wonderful woman in Kentucky and now look at her - she looks great and it has only been 5 weeks since she was taken in

Holly - found by police, had been beaten to near death by a group of kids, had a brain injury, is now adopted and living the good life.  She has fully recovered!

Samuel - found literally frozen to the streets of Dayton, emaciated and dehydrated with frost bite on his paws - he has made a full recovery and now has his very own Furever Family!